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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

The Almaty transport system is ready to host the winter games

Opening ceremony, closing ceremony

Special attention will be paid to transportation of the audience and guests to the “Almaty Arena” stadium on the opening and closing days of the Universiade on January 29 and February 8. Cost of one way ticket will be 100 KZT. A special scheme is developed which is based on special transport to pick up the audience from two points in the city:

  1. The Central Stadium –"Almaty Arena"
  2. Astana Square (KBTU) –"Almaty Arena"

On competition days

On competition days transportation of the audience to sport venues will be performed from three points:

- The Central Stadium;

- Sayakhat bus station;

- Almaty -1 railway station.

To the Central Stadium – 17 routes, 282 buses;Also 555 buses of operating routes will be involved in transportation of the audience to the competition venues:

  1. To the Ski Jumping Complex – 3 routes, 88 buses;
  2. To "Almaty Arena" – 4 routes, 55 buses;
  3. To "Halyk Arena" – 5 routes, 112 buses;
  4. To "Medeo" – 2 routes, 18 buses; 

If necessary, routes will be expanded.

The Directorate of the Universiade noted that Games participants (athletes, judges, technical delegates, etc.) will be served by 519 units of transport.

"We prepared the main and alternative routes, estimated the timing of movements and planned the police support. The main principle is efficient logistics of the Universiade with no impact on comfort and everyday life of city residents" – said the Head of Transport Department of the Directorate of the Universiade Ghani Tastanbekov.

The guests and city residents, who during the Universiade might decide to use their individual transport, should remember that based on the request of FISU and according to the worldwide practice, the 500 m safe zone will be established around the venues for entertainment events. That is why car owners will find it more convenient to use parking lots, including those next to the shopping malls, and from there they can get to the sport venues by public transport.