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Saturday, 13 April 2024


"City of Almaty Sustainable Transport" is a 5-year UNDP-GEF project launched in 2011, in an effort to assist the city in coping with transport-related emissions by promoting the sustainable transport options and implementing demonstration projects. The CAST project partnered its activities with the Almaty city administration and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. It also works closely with UITP, ITDP, GIZ and other international associations and projects to promote sustainable transport  among policy makers and general public.

In 2013, supported by the CAST project, the City of Almaty Sustainable Transport Strategy for 2013-2023 was elaborated and adopted, to improve the quality of life in Almaty and making it an attractive city to live and work.

In May 2014, the projects of building a BRT corridor and a new bike lane were presented and approved by the Mayor of Almaty.

The CAST project supports measures aimed to promote cycling, such as the annual children cycle races organized by the Velo-Almaty Initiative, trainings in the cycling school  where beginners and more experienced cyclists can learn new skills of safe cycling in the city.

The CAST project facilitates the participation of Almaty city administration and transport authorities, as well as public representatives in various  conferences of international level, dedicated  to development of sustainable transport, to experience exchange, and to finding of new ideas.


  • Improve the management of public transportation in Almaty and build capacity for improved efficiency and quality of public transportation;
  • Improve the management of air quality;
  • Build capacity for integrated traffic management in Almaty;
  • Implement demonstration projects and raise the general public awareness about sustainable transport options;
  • By 2023, increase the share of public transport trips by 20%

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