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Saturday, 04 February 2023

In Almaty will be two new living complex, in Nauryzbay and Bostandyk districts

Today in Almaty was a town –planning guidance with the participation of city’s governor Bauyrzhan Baibek. During this meeting was confirmed conceptual project of living apartments in the micro-districts of Shugula and Madeniet.

Along the Tazhibaev street in Bostandyk district is planned to build an eleven-floored apartment of the 4 th class for 828 flats with two kinder gardens and with its playing grounds . According to the E.Gayl conception an apartment will be supplied with underground parking for 890 places which are fully replaced garden territory for automobiles. Thanks to the construction of the living complex there will be opened 500 new working places during the building of it and 171 in the period of exploitation.

One more affirmed outline project was 9 floored apartment for 910 flats of the 4 th class and 4860 flats of the 5 th class with parking for 1834 places ,schools, kinder garden and an area for 15700 sq.m.

During the city- planning guidance was approved 2 projects out of five. Three of them were invalidated connected with the insufficient developing infrastructures, the absence of pre-school institutions, and the lack of the parking places.