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Saturday, 13 April 2024


Fifty new stations of the system of automated bicycle rental "Almaty Bike" with a fleet of 270 bicycles were opened in September 2016. Within the framework of the first stage of the project, "Almaty Bike" stations appeared on the central streets and near some metro stations. The stations are operated by using energy from solar batteries and are equipped with parking terminals with bicycles.

Below is a map with stations


For one season

10 000 ₸/  year rental

Minimum balance required on account
Required endless residue

500 ₸

The deposit for the club card

1 000 ₸



0 to 30 minutes


31 minutes to 1 hour

100 ₸

1 to 2 hours

250 ₸

2 to 3 hours

500 ₸

after 3 hours, every subsequent hour is charged at

1 000 ₸

* Remember - returning your bike to a station every 30 minutes means that you ride absolutely FREE!

More detailed information about prices and bike stations can be found in the link

You can also download the Almaty Bike application which contains the entire necessary information, including traffic rules.