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Thursday, 29 February 2024

Buy a ticket

Sales of single TRANSPORT CARDS are performed (see a map of sale points):

  • at the airport and railway stations;
  • in agency network of «Caravan» and «Daus» stands, “Бинго” kiosks, «AzbukaSvyazi» and «Akson-mobile» shops;
  • in metro ticket offices;
  • in the office of the Operator;
  • in the routes assigned to “Самат-Транс” LLP, “Автобаза ДосТранс” LLP, “Таксомоторный парк №1” LLP;
  • in the office of “Транспортная Карта” LLP;
  • in “RIXOS” hotel;
  • by "ОҢАЙ" controllers

Cardcost is 500* KZT

*It includes 1 trip and 420 KZT of the deposit which is returned in case of the card return.

The cost of one trip with Single transport card is 80 KZT.

The cost of "ONAY" paper ticket for a single trip for all categories of citizens is 150 KZT.

If you pay by cash onboard the public transport vehicle, always ask for "ONAY" paper ticket!

To find places of sale of "Onay" electronic cards (tickets), please click on «Транспортная карта ОНАЙ»,

then « Точки распространения»