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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

“Оңай” purchase terminal is installed at the Almaty airport

For  public convenience, a new terminal is installed at the airport nearby the bus stop complex. It is planned to increase the number of such terminals.

Upon arrival at the city, without “ОҢАЙ” card, the public transport user may buy the Unified  transport  card by following simple instructions at the terminal:

  • Select “ Buy card ”
  • Enter the necessary amount (cost of the card)
  • Select “Next”

Put the issued card to the card reader for activation If the user has the card, the user may top up its balance or may buy the urban-transport pass for a calendar month.Please be reminded that “ОҢАЙ” electronic ticketing system is operated in all Almaty public transport. All passangers shall obligatory register their trips by public transport using “ОҢАЙ” card or “ОҢАЙ” ticket.