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Wednesday, 22 May 2024


Below you can check the list of the most popular taxi services and get acquainted with their tariffs, mobile applications and websites

Name  Tariffs Application Site
А-Motors From 100 KZT
Almaty Taxi From 500 KZT
APARU Taxi From 450 KZT
Aport Taxi From 800 KZT
Bars - taxi
DAKO Taxi From 600 KZT
Maxim Taxi
NEO Taxi From 450 KZT
Simple Taxi From 350 KZT
City Taxi From 650 KZT
Taxi DiM From 500 KZT
Taxi Kolyosa From 400 KZT
Taxi Lider From 550 KZT
Taxi Troyka From 900 KZT

Econom-taxi From 400 KZT
Eco Taxi From 650 KZT