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Saturday, 13 April 2024

What about visitors of Almaty city arriving for 1-2 days?

Upon arrival, Almaty city visitors may purchase Unified transport card in transport card distribution agency networks that are also located at railway stations and airport. Unified transport card sale points are marked with “ОҢАЙ” sticker. Having used the Unified transport card for required period of time, Almaty city visitors can return the card and obtain its security cost in accordance with the repayment conditions covered by the Public contract. Unified transport card may be returned at the address: Almaty, 33/1 Ryskulbekov str., and at special railway station cash offices marked with “ОҢАЙ” sticker. 

Also, public transport vehicles are equipped with special mobile transport terminals designed for fare registration with cash directly at a vehicle. Persons from another town may carry out fare registration in Almaty public transport via such terminal with further obtaining of "ОҢАЙ" single ticket. 

Attention! A “ОҢАЙ” paper ticket should: 

• be given out by a special mobile transport terminal, purposed for fare registration with cash directly in the vehicle;

• contain:

1) date and time, appropriate to yourcurrent ride;

2) route number and  number of the vehicle; 

3) fare amount. 

• be marked with “ОҢАЙ” logo on the flipside.

“ОҢАЙ” paper ticket cost for one fare is 80 (eighty) tenge.