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Thursday, 25 July 2024

People Near Transit

People Near Rapid Transit (PNT) measures the number of residents in a city who live within a short walking distance (1 km) of high-qualityrapid transit. This is a good way to estimate accessibility and rapid transit coverage in large cities. It is
also a high-level proxy for the integration of land use and transport, and the fundamental first step toward creating inclusive transit-oriented development (TOD)—compact, higher-density, mixed-use, walkable development centered around transit stations.

Finally, PNT allow cities to measure their progress over time, as new transit is built and new residents are added to the population. ITDP has assessed a number of cities around the world to compare their PNTs to one another and over time.  By using PNT to understand accessibility and the integration of land use and transportation, we are able to learn what we need to do to improve our cities, making them more accessible and inclusive.