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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Publications of partners

ZeEUS eBus Report

An overview of electric buses in Europe

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Accessibility in London

London has the largest accessible bus network of any city on the planet, serving the entire Greater London area and running to key towns over the boundary into neighbouring counties.

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Manual for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Global Environment Facility Transportation Projects

This Manual and the TEEEMP Models are continually updated as more accurate information is contributed to this process. To ensure you are working with the most current files, go online to the following internet address and download the appropriate files for your project

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How to build and operate an efficient trolleybus system

The guidelines have been formed by UITP members and debated and agreed on by the UITP Trolleybus Committee.

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People Near Transit

Improving Accessibility and Rapid Transit Coverage in Large Cities

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Accessibility Guide

Improving public transport services through awareness of staff about persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility

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Improving Pathways to Transit for Persons with Disabilities

This research study explores, through case studies, efforts that have improved pathways to transit. Following a brief national survey to identify prospective case study locations, interviews and site visits were conducted with five transit agencies and their partners

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