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Sunday, 28 November 2021




Fare if paid by cash - 80 KZT (yellow token).

Fare for children 7-15 year old when paid by cash - 40 KZT (red token). The birth certificate (copy) or the letter from the school with a photo and a stamp must be shown, in absence of these documents the ticket is purchased according to the general rules.

Trip for children below 7 year old - free.

Payment by the smart card. The smart card is a carrier with cost 100 KZT and validity period 3 years, you can fill it with any quantity of trips (up to 60), extending the card for 3 years. You can fill the smart card in cash desks of the operators, and independently in the automatic machines on sale and replenishment of tickets.

Payment by MasterCard

In order to pay please put the contactless card MasterCard®  to the validator on the left box of a luggage turnstile.

Payment occurs instantly! 

This contactless payment technology allows the cardholders to perform payment by touching or putting close the payment card or another payment instrument: phone, a watch or a pendant to the reader payment terminal. You can see if the bank card is contactless by the PayPass logo on the card.

You can find more detailed information on payment on a site:

Categories of people with free trips

According to the decision of Maslikhat of Almaty city dated 27 January 2016 «On introduction of amendments and addenda to the decision of XLIII session of Maslikhat of Almaty city of V convocation dated 15 September 2015 № 367«On provision of subsidized trips on city public transport (except taxi) to certain categories of Almaty residents»

Free trip on city public transport (except taxi) is provided to:

  • participants and disabled veterans of the Great Patriotic War and the persons with equal status;
  • pensioners above 75 year old;
  • disabled people of the first and second groups and disabled children below 18 year old;

Categories of people with preferential trips

Subsidized trip with payment of 50 % of the tariff cost on city public transport (except taxi) is provided to:

  • pupils of general education schools above 15 year old;
  • students of technical and vocational schools, students of the higher educational institutions on a full-time course of study;
  • old-age pensioners;
  • mothers with many children (4 or more children who did not reach 18 year old).
  • The following preferential electronic travel cards and long use cards are given to the abovementioned categories of persons: preferential transport cards «ONAY» and travel tickets «ONAY».

More detailed information can be found in the link: